Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

PC Gamers with a taste for whimsy: Buy This Game

Also, who have $5.

And a Steam account, or the tools for getting a Steam account.

The game is "Blueberry Garden", in which you tend to trees, and small critters and run and jump and fly, or maybe more like gliding. There's exploration and, um, stacking. Like Myst meets Jenga.

Er, more like SketchFighter meets Loco Roco with a dash of Crayon Physics.


Maybe you should Look at the YouTube footage.

And then you can get the free demo.

And then you should BUY THIS GAME.

There's more about the game HERE.

Also more when you beat the game. You will know when you beat the game. I know because the game told me I beat the game. But the point of the experience isn't to puzzle out a solution - it's to play around with an experience. So is it a "game", then, if the point isn't to "win"?

I say that it is, but if you want to call it a "toy" or a "sandbox", that's fine, too.

What? You haven't bought the game yet? It's $5. Surely you have $5 for a light diversion. Also, there's cheese.
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