Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Yesterday, as I was collecting myself to dash off to a meeting, I decided to empty my bag of stuff I wasn't using on a daily basis.

Oh, there's an issue of "Wired". I've probably read most of the interesting bits there. Remove.

There's another issue of "Wired". Huh, remove that, too.

Some cards that I guess I got as promotions for an expansion for a boardgame that I hardly play ever. Still, it's a cool boardgame, and I know many of the people who made it, so I support it, but having playing cards in my bag doesn't help anybody. Remove.

One TO DO list. Looks like many of the items have been crossed off. Maybe the remainder need to be transcribed to a newer list. Or not. Let's remove that until I figure things out.

Day-Timer Binder with checkbook, stamps, addresses (many 10 years out of date), crossword puzzles. Seems like this binder doesn't serve much purpose, but it feels like the center of my luggable self. Keep.

Pens, Pencils - even for the indulgence that is Trivia Night, I probably have too many. I only need a few red pens for marking other teams' wrong answers. I suppose I could invest in some non-red pens sometime. One tradition of Trivia Night is doodling pictures of turtles. I have sufficient green pens for that. And then some. It's always good to have a few extra pens (Keely). I'll keep the current set for now.

Hm, USB cable to charge my phone. That could be handy. Or not. I should keep it. I'll just put it over here on the same pile as all the other stuff I'm taking out of the bag.

External USB DVD Burner. What? That would explain why this bag is so heavy. Remove.
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