Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


I've got a variety of ways to put movies in front of my eyeballs, involving satellites, or bartering, or whatnot. But the primary way that I watch these "films" is on DVD, as delivered to my mailbox by NetFlix. It would have been slightly more convenient if I were able to upload a CSV file, saying "here's a bunch of movies I'd like to watch. Go". But wandering through a web page isn't so very rough, and NetFlix is better than some.

I had been on the 3-movies-at-a-time plan for a while, and then (when money was thin), I trimmed back, even though the amount I was saving wasn't that much. And then when I got my lucrative current gig, I splurged and went to 4 movies at a time. Woohoo, crazy indulgences.

Every now and then, though, my NetFlix Queue shows 5 movies. Wha?! And then, at the top of the queue, there's a link. "Why do you have an extra DVD?" Yes, please. Why do I have an extra DVD? I will click on this link, and I will learn why I have an extra DVD.

Clicking on the link pops up this dialog:


Not really answering my question, guys.

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