Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Living is Easy (With Eyes Closed)

This is really primarily for Cassie, but I rarely post here, so it's also an exercise in "how does LJ work again? Or how does it work today?".


Over the weekend, I caught "Living is Easy (With Eyes Closed)", which you may recognize as a lyric from Strawberry Fields Forever. The film is in Spanish, set in Spain, about a Spanish guy who teaches English and Latin. He's a huge Beatles fan, and uses Beatles lyrics to help teach English to his students. He finds out that John Lennon is filming a movie in Spain, so he embarks on a road trip. Along the way, two youths join him on his journey.

Charming, funny, sweet, a little unexpected. I didn't exactly expect the ending, but like most road movies, and most road trips, it's about the journey more than the destination, and it's a pleasant excursion.

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