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So. I'm back hooked into my daily routine, such as it is.

I got home late Friday night. Well, not really so much late as very tired. The house was still standing, no gaping holes in it, the pipes seem to still be doing their, you know, piping job. Not that I had any reason to worry, but some people live in a world where their houses are bulldozed or hit by missiles when they're not looking. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. One of us probably listens to too much NPR, and it may not be you.

Ok, good, I've engineered a segue. So, all the rest of the "Morning Edition" audience has already come to grips with Bob Edwards' job shift. I'm uncomfortable with the move, but - meh, what are you going to do? Then, today, I hear that "The Savvy Traveller" is going off the air. Now, I've been less than a fan of this show since Rudy Maxa left the host's chair (good grief, I'm much more of an NPR dork than I've admitted to myself...), but I'm sad to see the show go. It reminds me of the departure of "The Loose Leaf Book Company". No warning, just 'well, thanks for listening, you've just listened to our last show'.

So, implicit in all of this is the following observation: I'm one of those NPR junkies who know the difference between Robert Siegel from Peter Sagal (Or Steven Segal, for that matter). Probably a little too invested in the whole thing. On one level, I'm troubled when these voices that have become close to me - almost like friends (as though one could make 'friends' through some technological electronic medium like the radio, ha!) - when they lose their jobs. But that's probably not really what's troubling me fundamentally. I suspect it's more a matter of the furniture of my life being moved without my approval. Liane Hansen needs to give me my puzzle at 7:45 on Sunday morning. Ray Mogliozzi needs to come back from the second break with a laugh that's more punctuation or soundcheck than expression of humor. It had better be a quiet week in Lake Wobegone. These are my landmarks - I'd rather somebody move the sofa in the middle of the night, only for me to run into it while I'm stumbling to the bathroom in the dark. Heck, I'm still upset that Christopher Lydon got fired from "The Connection", and that was years ago, and a show that I couldn't hear on the air in Seattle. Much. Oh, while I'm at it, I'll mark the passing of Cynthia Doyon (the host of a local swing music show who took her own life recently).

I guess it comes down to words that are no less true for their being from a Mike Myers movie: "We fear change".

Hm. When this boat of a post left the harbor, I thought it was going to stay within sight of land.

NPR pledge week is coming up. For one reason or another, I haven't pledged in maybe a year and a half. Maybe more. Clearly, I'm going to encourage my obsession. Maybe I'll get a tote bag or umbrella.

In other random blather...

I dread turning on my TiVo. I'm sure that I've got 30 hours of NewsRadio queued up for me, which would be fine, but I've watched them all already.

I did my taxes yesterday. I dreaded doing them, and yet I found the paperwork I needed, and it was quick and painless. TurboTax has me by the nose, I tell you whut.

To celebrate the fact that I loaned the government money over the past year, and they'll be paying me back instead of me paying them this April 15th, I went out and bought a printer. I already had a printer. Um, several. Two of them are plugged in even now. I suspect that you can still buy ink for a Canon BJC 360, but you probably don't want to. So, yeah. I bought a new printer. This one - drumroll - prints on CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Hands up of people that need that feature. Yeah, me either. But it looks really nice.

That is, if you use the right CDs. If you use glossy ones that weren't meant to be printed on, the ink beads up and you get a speckly Seurat effect. Interesting and amusing, but not really so much in the way of useful. If there was any actual usefulness in this to begin with.

Um. For some odd reason, I'm filled with optimism about making my own games, rather than making games for The Man. Have I trumpeted Switch 2000 recently? I made a list today of stuff I need to put into it, and it's managable. I'm fighting the feature creep that so often afflicts projects like this.

Yesterday, I figured out how to drain the oil from my ride-on lawn mower. This was in a period of adventure and discovery spurred by the question "why won't it start?". The saga continues. The good news is that the walk-behind lawnmower - while having no charge on its battery - still functions, and I was able to mow the front and back yards this afternoon.

Oh, and to round out my weekend escapades - I ate at two restaurants nearby-ish to my house that I had never been to before. Some of you recall that I live in Greater Treeopolis, Washington - so I can't just pop around the corner to Aram's #2 Pizza. So, my "restaurant radius" is pretty broad. And yet, both places (Sailfish in Monroe, Cabbage Patch in Snohomish) were pleasant surprises. Moreso in each case because I had been past each of them numerous times without ever venturing inside.

Also - to those who remember the name "Scott McDermott", the person attached to that name is getting married coming up soon here. Depending on travel arrangements, I may be able to piggy back some socializing with you fine people, those that are in the neighborhood of McDermott, or I may be only in town for the abbreviated receiving line. The gating factor right now is the hotel, which won't talk reservations at this hour of night, of course.

Speaking of the hour, it's a school night. My parents wouldn't want me to be up much longer.
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