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Knee Deep in the Hoopla

Oof. Spent the morning cutting the branchy little stuff from the big logs out in my driveway. I'm surprised how much this condensed the pile of windfalls from the winter. I'm also a little surprised that there wasn't anything from this week's windstorm.

While being the good little woodsman, I was listening to a radio show discussing that list of the 50 worst songs. You know what, I like Starship. I'm going out right now - after I'm done ranting, anyway, and getting that CD. Sara, We Built This City, turn it up. And, to further thumb my nose at Blender, I am going to have fun tonight, even if it means I have to Wang Chung tonight. Because I know that the heart of rock and roll IS still beatin'.

Hm. "You're the Inspiration", "Broken Wings" - both a little sappy, but I enjoy them. More CDs for my shopping list.

"We Didn't Start the Fire" - Perhaps I wouldn't enjoy this as much as I do if it weren't for the "Almost Live!" parody, which still makes me smirk. There was an April Fool's episode of Almost Live where they reported that the Needle had fallen over. Hence (loosely) the song. And now it's a miniseries on NBC.

The Space Needle is on fire No, we're only joking, It's not even smoking.

"The Final Countdown" - Somebody's got their lists mixed up. This isn't a bad pop song - it's exactly what a pop song should be. It's corny and catchy. That synth intro... Oh, man.

All right. I'm taking my 80s music and going home. Or, rather, I'm leaving home and buying CDs of my 80s music. That doesn't sound as good.

Ok. Now I'm off to buy pop music. And a poster of a pony.
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