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80s Hair, check. Hoopla in process. Still in pursuit of pony.

I just discovered that "The Final Countdown" is on the "Rocky 4" soundtrack. And somehow they had the audacity to name it one of the worst pop songs. Fneh!

"Europe" has got to be one of the best examples of an 80s hair band. I suppose I had forgotten that aspect. But I now have a copy of "The Final Countdown" CD. This is an album that encourages bad driving. Mmmm. Synthy trumpets. Guitar Solo. Clever "Venus/Seen us" rhyme pair.

And I went to a half dozen or so reasonably stocked CD outlets, and could not find "Knee Deep in the Hoopla". Thank God for Amazon. Really, thank you, God.

And it's back into the car, looking for a poster. Pony, unicorn, even a kitten would be fine.
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