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I write one paper on a Michael Crichton novel, and suddenly ER is all about me.

Don't worry, the title doesn't need to make sense.

And if you've got the ER episode from December 12th waiting for you on your TiVo, you may want to look away, as you might consider the following discussion spoilerage. Spoiltastic. Whatever.

So, there's the cute Med Student, Harkins. And throughout the episode, they hint at something going on between Kovac and Harkins. And I'm hoping and wishing that they don't go the more or less obvious, and what I'm willing to chalk up as inevitable, story route. Really, any of many obvious story routes. All of which involve this hunky doctor and this attractive med student in bed.

And then Gallant (there's a name for an optimist) makes some comment, during a bout of gossip, saying 'no, not Harkins. She's not like that'. And I shook my head. Poor Gallant. He's seen the script, for crying out loud, has he not yet read the bit where we see everybody drinking too much at the holiday party, and the scene shortly after with very dim lighting in Kovac's apartment?

Gallant's probably a little sweet on Harkins, so at this point I'm sadly willing to cut the guy some slack. Hold onto that denial as long as you can, my friend.

And then, as the episode gets into its last 10 or 15 minutes, we find out that the scene in the apartment isn't what I was expecting at all. Yes, some kissing, yes, some titillating (I really beg your forgiveness) use of skin, but no, perhaps Gallant was right all along, maybe Harkins isn't like that.

So, kudos to these fictional people. To Harkins for living up to Gallant's image. To Gallant for maintaining that belief. And hey, if you see yourself in these flickering images, to you as well.

And having said all that, for the rest of the evening I'm going to be repeating to myself "it's just a show, I should really just relax".

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