Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Navel Gazing

Misspelled Armed Forces thoughts? Disturbing midriff-baring TV commercial? Meaningful deep introspection?

My work schedule has me really confused. I've been on call for a while now - "we need the following 10 bugs fixed right away!" "We can't find the file that you sent us Friday morning!" it's either that, or it's sit and wait.

Which is a nice change from the rush to get stuff done that we had before.

But, work being what it is, a long weekend is a strange thing. Spent Saturday BBQing with friends, Sunday doing little chores around the house and then Monday with Mom and Dad, seeing a production of "Oliver!" at this outdoor auditorium near their place. There's a musical there every year, and it's something of a family tradition to see the show.

Also in amongst all that, I got a little bit of work done on Switch 2000. Not much, but gotta keep the ball rolling. One day, I'll be done with that thing. Then I can prototype this one unicycle game, and then I can prototype this fantasy RPG game. But those are projects for another time.

So I have a gripe. Much of the above is to establish that I've been reasonably active over the past weekend - walking here and there, spending a decent amount of time on my friend the treadmill. Let's back up a bit. A couple of weeks ago, I renewed my ambition to get down to a healthy weight, and as of Friday, I had lost 10 pounds. Woohoo, yay me. Since then, I've been creeping back upwards. Grr.

I know that there's noise. I know that the first few pounds are the easy ones. I know that when you're using exercise to lose weight, some fat may be replaced by muscle. I know that you don't want to obsess over the daily readings.

I guess I'm just obsessing over the daily readings.


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