Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


Ow ow ow.

I can't really compete with those of you who have been injuring yourselves, slicing open digits in gruesome and imaginitive ways, but I must have a dozen or two thorns imbedded in my hands and forearms in spite of (sometimes) wearing gloves.

Did not pick up very much of the clippings on the lawn - a task for a slightly dryer day (ha!). Instead, I trimmed around some trees and rhododendrons, cut back a bunch of blackberries infesting my fruit trees, and even trimmed back a tree and a rosebush. Then, giddy with all that, I went out and bought an additional rose to fill in the hole where I had intended to plant a rose a month ago, yet the old rose was looking too sickly to put in the ground. I contend that there's hope for the old rosebush, so I planted it in the shade, not far from where I first intended to plant it.

I then proceeded to spread this fluffy cottony stuff on one of the (many) bald spots on the lawn. It claims to have seed, fertilizer, and mulch all in perfect proportion. I don't know. It looks like I accidentally ran over a cheap import cabbage patch kid with the mower. Don't get upset - we've all done it.

Tomorrow, I go around and pick up all the trimmed blackberries and tree branches and whatnot.

Maybe there's hope for my lawn yet.

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