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Twelfth Night

If music be the food of love, play on --Orsino, Duke of Illyria
or, random music-related thoughts.

So, I was watching "We are the 80s", because I am unashamedly a child of the Pac-Man generation. It's music videos, you know, from a time when Mtv was a cultural phenomenon.

  • "Love me tomorrow", Chicago: I was amazed how much Peter Cetera reminded me of this guy: . If you don't recognize the image, that's OK. If you don't know who Peter Cetera was, I don't know how you watched Karate Kid II.

  • "At this moment", Billy and the Beaters: This song will forever be tied to that one episode of Family Ties. It's almost incomprehensible to me that an actual band recorded it, and that it didn't fall from the sky.

  • "Together in electric dreams", Philip Oakley: Remember the movie "Electric Dreams"? Remember the 80s, when computers were new, and we were afraid that they'd steal our girlfriends? Good times.

And then, later, I was in the car, and I heard:

  • "The Merry-Go-Round broke Down", maybe by Eddy Duchin, beats me. I was listening to this, and the tune seemed awfully familiar. The lyrics are here, if that gives you a clue. I was listening to it, and the tune was one of those fundamental parts of my life; the furniture of my childhood. I was willing to bet that this guy took some public domain tune and put his own lyrics to it, if only I could think of what that tune came from.

    Then it came to me - I knew this melody as the theme to the Looney Toons cartoons.

For what says Quinapalus, Better a witty fool than a foolish wit --Clown
or, impulse theatre

So, I mentioned before that I had seen "Proof" here a bit ago. Somehow I knew that the lead actress from that play was playing Violet in Twelfth Night, the next (now current) play. So, for lack of exciting evening plans, I bought a last-minute ticket and caught this show. Fun, fun. My senior year high school English teacher would be so proud that I'm choosing to spend a night with The Bard. He was also the director of my first two acting roles, which would give him even more reason.

I think that part of my interest in seeing this show comes from a tiny crush I may have on said actress.

Farewell, fair cruelty --Violet
or, I have nothing more to say

I just really liked this line. Seems like something that angst-ridden teenagers would write on their Trapper Keepers.


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