Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

A pint's a pound...

This morning, I drank a pound plus of water - right AFTER getting on the scale. I'm cunning that way.

I want to applaud each of my friends who is currently working on living a healthier lifestyle - we've got people losing weight, paying attention to what they eat, it's inspirational. Thank you.

Not too long ago, I finally gave up on my cognitive dissonance. I knew I was heavier than I wanted to be, and pictures of me always had some fat guy in them. Somehow, the guy in the mirror and the guy in the pictures looked different. Maybe I've learned to suck in my gut around mirrors over the years.

So, since that realization, I've lost around 13 pounds. Yay, me. I'm not yet quite comfortable with admitting where this brings me down to, but I'm very close to a multiple of 10, which makes for nice mini-goals; each time my weight ends in a zero, I pat myself on the back.

I've noticed a few side effects of this:

  • I'm doing laundry more frequently. My weight loss strategy involves actually using that expensive treadmill that I own. Right now, 3.4mph, 3.0 incline (degree? percent gradient? Doesn't seem like much, in any case) for about an hour equates to 500 calories burned, which is my target per day. This has a side effect of leaving me in sodden clothing, so the washer's getting more exercise, too.
  • I'm cleaning my glasses more frequently. Suffice it to say that while exercising, some perspiration accumulates there, too. And that's gross. Without exercising, I might let the slow accumulation of daily grime on the glasses go, which ends up gross, too. In any case, now I have another good new habit.
  • I'm not sure if I'm seeing any visible change in my appearance. I took a photo of myself the last multiple of 10 pounds, and when I started - I plan to keep taking pictures each 10 pounds as a visible record of my progress. Or, a record of my visible progress. Looking for progress in the mirror this morning, I think I've lost some weight off my face, which is good. (And whose idea was it to store weight there in the first place?)
  • I haven't lost enough yet that my clothes are loose on me, but part of that is a measurement of how tight they were before - how much denial that I was overweight. I think some of my clothes are a little more comfortable, but again, I may be clutching at signs that aren't really noticable.
  • I've got pleasantly sore muscles on a regular basis. Yay.

I'm hoping to be at my halfway point by October, or failing that, the end of the year. Neither of these dates are particularly ambitious - ambitious is hoping to be at my final goal by October.

In any case, I'm pretty satisfied with my progress so far, and optimistic that I can keep going for a while without burning out.

And again, thank you, my healthy friends, for the encouragement by keeping me up to date on your progress.


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