Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Ok, so ow ow ow.

And again I say ow.

I believe I've mentioned that I just bought a propane grill, capable of temperatures necessary to forge dwarven steel. I probably didn't mention that last bit before, because it strikes me as geeky, even for me.

Anyway, so I've taken to grilling up a little bit of food (mostly leftovers from last weekend's BBQ) in the evening, and as I do that, I notice that there's a huge mess of blackberry vines infesting the bank on the edge of my property. I've got a bunch of rhododendrons there, too, but blackberries enough to threaten them.

So, as I wait for ingredients to turn into a meal, I've taken to pruning away at the blackberry vines with a pair of clippers I happen to have handy.

Mind you, I've done this several times in the past week. At no point did I put on protective clothing - long pants, or GLOVES.

Each time, I've accumulated new and interesting gashes. Turns out blackberry vines have thorns. Perhaps next time, I'll think to wear hand protection.

On the up side, I've made some good progress. Yay for visible changes.

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