Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Hiking Log: Lord Hill Park

This is mostly just to get me back into the habit of writing these things up - indeed, going hiking at all.

No pictures.

Hiking Log: Lord Hill Park, parking lot down the "main trail" to the river. And, you know, back.

Mileage: I don't know.

Time Elapsed: 2 hours. Ish. Averaging a pretty good pace. That would probably mean my mileage would be in the 5-6 mile range, I would guess.

Elevation Range: Nothing too extreme. There were a few hills, one that I would have hated to be walking up if a fast moving bicycle were coming the opposite way.

Lord Hill (Lord's Hill?) is just a few miles from my house, so it's not a big production to go hiking there. So much so that I have a hard time even thinking of it as a hike. It's a walk in the woods nearby. But really, it's an opportunity to put my feet on a trail and stand amongst old trees, so that's good.

I did something that I don't normally do - I brought my MP3 player. Perhaps due to this, perhaps also due to the exercising I've been doing recently, I found the trail disappearing behind me quickly. So that was pleasant.

Lord's Hill is a county park, so it's not the fancy schmancy national park experience with the paved trails and the free massage every two miles. (I exaggerate; with budget cutbacks, the massages are every four miles in some parks.) The trails are signed with big signs, sometimes. B+ for legibility, C- for consistency. Oh, and it seems like half the trails in the park are named "pipeline cutoff trail".

Ok, enough complaining.

Zip, zip. Hike, hike. Saw some deer, saw a garter snake. Got to the river, touched the water. Started hiking back, realized how little I had eaten to that point in the day. Hopped in the car, found my way to downtown Snohomish - ostensibly the town where I live. I had intended to eat at this one quaint place downtown, but I found out that it was destroyed in a fire back in April. Oh well, I found my way to a tasty Thai Pizza.

The good news is that the restaurant owner had insurance, and will reopen the restaurant again in time.

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