Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Switch 2000 terminology brainstorm

Earlier, I asked for names for the modules of content that group the puzzles together, perhaps loosely by theme. I intend to have an "abstract" theme, and a couple of photographic themes. But beyond the theme, there's a little bit of structure to these things; as you play puzzles, you unlock incrementally more puzzles to play, until you've played all 100 puzzles in the module.

I don't like the words "module" or "campaign"; "module" sounds too computer programmer-y, and "campaign" sounds too geek-gamer-y.

"Pack" as a root has some promise, it resonates with 6-pack as a convenient delivery mechanism for similar objects. You can build from "Pack" to "Picture Pack" or "Puzzle Pack", both of which are planted in the back of my head.

If you've got some spare neurons that I can borrow (if you're not thinking of something more important in the shower, perhaps), I'd like to invite you to suggest better ideas for this concept.

I just struck on a new noun to add to the soup: "Album". Adding on "Puzzle" makes the fairly pleasing "Puzzle Album".

I'm just kicking it out there for people to chew on, maybe it sparks a better idea in somebody else's head. Let me know if it does.



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