Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Senryu are fun!

The fastidious know that haiku are 5-7-5 poems with a reference to nature. A poem that doesn't have nature imagery is a senryu. So here are some.

On Capturing 80s Television
Haiku by tsmaster
I'm ashamed to
admit that I set up a
TiVo season pass
Haiku! by Hutta.

I Swear, He Could Play Sen. Lieberman in the Movie
Haiku by tsmaster
Max Wright the father
and also the owner of
Central Perk on Friends
Haiku! by Hutta.

I Don't Just Talk, I Act
Haiku by tsmaster
oh while I'm rambling
let me also mention that
I have done something
Haiku! by Hutta.

The To Do List Gets Checked Off
Haiku by tsmaster
I've got a big stack
of completed cards on the
left hand side, WooHoo!
Haiku! by Hutta.

The Girl That I Knew Somewhere
Haiku by tsmaster
She was a girl who
lived in San Diego. We
went to the ocean.
Haiku! by Hutta.

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