Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I was just musing about folks doing crazy stuff with their cars. This sort of thing can really unhinge me, but somehow, I'm managing to let the mouthbreathers that aren't directly jeopardizing my life go about their business without raising my blood pressure.

F'rinstance: a couple of days ago, I pulled up to a yellow light and decided not to press through it. When I was much much younger, I figured the only ethical way to drive was to only go through a yellow light if you had no other safe option. If you could stop, you must stop. That was my policy. And, since I knew everything, everybody else had to drive that way, too. These days, I'm more reckless (wreckless? Ha!) and depending on my mood, I'll be more or less daring when it comes to yellow lights. Anyway, so here I am, coming to a stop, the first car in front of the light. And the person behind me decides not to put up with my decision to stop at the yellow, so he pulls around me and runs the yellow. All sorts of things wrong with that, and yet, what am I going to do?

On the flip side of things, back when I was living in an apartment in Bothell, I would walk past a KinderCare or something. And there was a big yellow line painted on the curb. A big sign saying FIRE LANE NO PARKING explaining what the yellow line meant. And, of course, people would park there. And that really really steamed me. Please, for the sake of the children, don't obstruct the fire lane. For the lives of your own children. Please. I know you're only picking up your kids, or maybe you're... I don't know, changing the radio station, but presumably you're parking near the child care entrance because you're responsible for a little person. And I know that not all of them can read, but I'd rather not have the next generation being brought up in a world where NO PARKING means "Eh, it's a really convenient place to park, and the parking lot is SO FAR AWAY, so wink, wink, do what you gotta do".

Hm, maybe that still gets me upset. But at least I don't walk past that KinderCare on a regular basis, so it doesn't have the opportunity to bother me as much.

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