Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Wide awake in frog pajamas

Except not.

No, really, I am wide awake. The frogs, though, can keep their pajamas. I shudder to contemplate the spandex outfits that a frog might sleep in.

Ah yes, I can already tell that rambling at this hour of the night, erm, morning, about insomnia was an interesting decision.

For the past few years, I've linked the words "insomnia" and "anosmia" in my brain. Both perfectly legitimate words, fine to keep in your scrabble repertoire. And yet, while your average joe on the street could rattle off a definition of the one, he'd be baffled by the other.

I have a hard time spelling "repertoire".

But that word reminds me of "repertory", which allows me to segue into mentioning that I'm planning to go to The Theatre tonight. No cute chicks in tonight's performance (that I know of), so I guess I'm just going for the cultcha.

Oh, and theatre makes me think of movies. And that tomorrow morning, I'm takingmy car into the shop, and having no transportation, I get to amuse myself in Monroe. If you haven't been there, you've probably already spent enough time in Monroe. However, they do have one of the local soulless megaplex movie theatres, which affords one a certain amount of timewasting. One thing that I'd like to see work out better is if there were more movies playing that I want to see. And if they started earlier in the morning. I take the car in at 9am, the first movie starts at 11:45. I can watch only so many slides for the local self-storage facility, people!

Today, presumably, is payday. This is good. As I learned on the Simpsons, money can be exchanged for goods and services. Like a new mumble mumble something filter on my car. And the labor involved in disassembling my car into constituent pieces so as to reach the old sensor. That's how they do it these days, your car breaks down into pieces, each of which is small enough to fit into a matchbox. Each is individually numbered so that if they lose a piece, your "check engine" light will come on in a month and a half and they'll order a replacement piece which will cost you seven times what you can afford.

And all this because they needed something to do with matchboxes. Nobody uses stick matches anymore.

So, I was at a meeting yesterday - pardon me for shifting from blather to gripe, but there you go. And the head of the studio was commenting on how there are new people pitching in to help the project meet its absurd schedule. There's Gordon, and there's Eric, he says, and then he ends his sentence. Sitting next to Gordon and Eric was a perfectly good me that he could have added to the list. Maybe in his mind, I've been on the project forever. I'm not encouraged.

I need a haircut. This isn't relevant, but if I say it out loud (I don't actually talk to people, so my LJ has to substitute), it might happen.

I've been ripping my CD collection into MP3s again, following the Linux Intrusion over Independance Day Weekend. I'm stunned to find how much music I have that I have so little desire to listen to.

Oh, and I'm craving this toy. Maybe I'll buy that with my bounteous piles of cash that Switch 2000 is bound to generate. I was chatting with a cow-orker about installing stuff in the dash, and he said, "yeah, it's easy. You've got a soldering iron, right?". Which turned me off, some. I don't like climbing around in awkward places with a hot piece of pointy metal. Then I stumbled across this site describing the process of replacing a stereo in essentially my car. I was doing OK until I got to the pictures of huge messes of wires. I'm tempted to bypass it all and get a pro to reach into the tight places with the magnetic screwdriver.

I think I may go for an early-morning shopping run with my digital camera. If you've got this far, you remember my obsession with the new shopping carts. Its absurd, but approximately as bad as the little old ladies in England who log the numbers off trains that they've seen.

I've said it before, and since I have no filters on what gets into this post (obviously), I'll say it here, too: Collecting, it's the new Violence. Specifically relating to computer game design, but feel free to apply it to other parts of your life if it helps you.

So, tying in to both computer games and movies, some of you have doubtless been subjected to a 20 minute crawl of advertisements before movies in some of your higher-tech theatres. You know, the ones with digital projectors, so they can download 20 minutes of ads from the corporate mothership. Ads for NBC shows, cable "events" and Coke. And then if you come in at the end and you didn't see the "news" about who such-and-so starlet is marrying/costarring with/divorcing/giving birth to this month, they chastise you for getting to the theatre late. Which is fine, I suppose. I'd rather they harass the folks who come in after the lights are down and walk on my feet as they climb into their seats.

I mention that because I've got this game idea in the back of my head (I'll pause for the collective sigh of those that have heard me say that before) which I'm codenaming "the twenty". It's a fantasy role-playing game where the player's quest is to seek out and dispatch a score (ha, there are any number of variations on a pun there) of evil mages. The connection to the previous paragraph being that in the fantasy world, 'the twenty' is a cabal of evil sorcerers. In our world, it's evil advertising.

Now, really. I'm not opposed to advertising, in general. I prefer it to be something I can walk away from - I don't listen to commercial radio much anymore, and TiVo permits me to mostly avoid ads during commercial breaks. Now and then, I'll click on one of Google's sponsored links, that's about what I'm comfortable with these days. But I guess if there's a point (and I'm not saying there is one), it's that movies shouldn't require that kind of subsidy. All right, perhaps it cost a quasquillion dollars to make Bad White Chicks in The Matrix : The Hungering, but what if maybe we made less expensive movies? And then maybe charged $6 for a ticket, and perhaps $2 for a reasonable amount of popcorn and $1 for a medium drink. Just an idea.

I've got an extra buck left over in my pocket from the $10 that I walked into the theatre with. Maybe I'll buy a frozen 3 Musketeers bar.

One of the many things I miss about my time in Cambridge, MA is "Fire and Ice" a kinda crazy Mongolian BBQ-ish place. Crazy in that they have the big hot round piece of metal on which they cook your food, but everything else is different from every other Mongolian BBQ I've ever been to. Case in point, my favorite meal there was the Andouille Sausage with Red Curry sauce. My own pairing, admittedly, but those are ingredients that I just can't find at Chang's.

Ok, perhaps it's time to end this logorrhea. (Hey, that's an actual word. And it means exactly what you'd think.)


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