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It's gonna be a quiet day

Most of my coworkers have fled the town. My officemate's on vacation. The office isn't usually noisy, but today it's like a crypt.

I had to go back to my car to get some CDs to play to add some noise to my office. I'm currently playing "Cyrus Chestnut & Friends: A Charlie Brown Christmas". Random jazz interpretations of both Peanuts and Christmas favorites. Festive, yet unlikely to upset any coworkers who might amble past my door. If I'm feeling daring later on in the day, I might throw in my new Jose Feliciano CD, but for now "Linus and Lucy" is just about right.

Geeky observation: I'm staring at my bookcase here at work, and noticing that I still need to fill it up. I've got my usual C++ references, the Game Programming Gems books (nigh unused), and a comfortably worn algorithm text (the Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest text, with the Alexander Calder mobile on the cover; have I ever mentioned that I know both Leiserson and Rivest, and Rivest is the 'R' in RSA encryption? Anyway...), nothing too personal or exciting. So, I need to personalize my space some more, and part of that is to continue to fill up that bookcase. And it occurs to me that as I've been developing Cars With Guns, I've been slowly pulling it down a different development path than what I contend with professionally - most notably, I'm doing as much code in Python as possible (so far, I wrote a Python extension in C++ to do CDDB lookup of CDs, which I may or may not use). The serendipitous result of that decision is that I can leave my pile of Python references at home for reference there. Whee!

Over the past week or so, I've been thinking about building a new Lego thing. I've taken to building abstract sculptures out of Lego basic bricks. I think that it's a very similar drive to what moved the folks who were fascinated by ray tracing chrome spheres on checkerboard tabletops a decade ago. Heck, I was fascinated by chrome spheres a decade ago. Anyway, I made a sphere, a sphere with a hole in it, a cube with a sphere cut out of it, but a donut poking out of the hole, and then leaving behind the Constructive Solid Geometry ghetto, I built a skull: . That one involved exporting a 3d model from Poser as a DXF file, then scan-converting the 3d model into a set of lego-sized chunks.

I want to make a big model of something not so abstract, but I'm also feeling a little tugged towards making another completely abstract creation. I was toying around in Blender, crafting a model spaceship, but I was finding that their implementation of CSG was holding me back. Hm. Something to toy with further over the vacation.

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