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Happy Christmas to all...

... whether it be a holy day or simply a day off, may it be restful and joyful, magical and sacred.

Last night around 9pm, I finished making the last of the Christmas cookies. I was a little disappointed, as I was putting away the powdered sugar, to see the recipe for the cookies I was making ON the powdered sugar box. Oh well, not every family tradition is a closely guarded secret.

Went to the big hoo-hah Christmas Festival put on my church in the Meydenbauer Center. They packed the place, and yet it still had the feeling of a community church. 3000+ people, and they were stumbling over A/V glitches throughout. There's something special, though, about an 8' tall platform covered with 2 year old angel ballerinas.

Oh, and Amazon's officially out of control. I bought myself two USB hubs for geeky reasons I need not describe here. Each of them is somewhere between the size of a deck of cards and a walkman. Two of them. They came in a box, no joke, big enough to fit my sister into. Not a standard unit of measure, I know, but I filled a garbage bag (*filled*!) getting all the foam peanuts out of the thing. I'm gonna say somewhere in the 4 1/2 cubic feet range.

I guess it might come in useful if my sister loses her plane ticket and needs to be mailed home.

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