Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The day gets weirder.

After changing the locks, I proceeded to go to work. I told everybody who would stand still about my adventure with missing XBox games.

I tried to get some work done, but for one reason or another, I couldn't really focus. I came home around 8pm. I felt like I was coming home "early". I also felt like I was being exceedingly skittish - I wasn't leaving because I wanted to go home, I was leaving because I didn't feel comfortable being away from home in the dark. We've had some breakins to cars at work a while ago, and I don't like the prospect of having to use the buddy system to leave the building. I guess people are afraid of assaults.

Anyway, so I came home, I called my folks to give them the situation. It was about 9pm (and about my parents' bedtime) when I got a ring on my doorbell.

Doorbell? I don't often get that. Maybe it's a neighbor, maybe it's Carlos. Maybe it's a sheriff.

No, actually, it's a friend of mine showing up a month early for my 33 1/3 birthday party. So we chat for a while. Long bits of me chatting, with him politely listening to my rambles, many bits of him offering useful, insightful, interesting comments. We're both yawning and he decides to take off, and I decide to kick him out. Buh-bye.

A minute later, the doorbell. That's odd. Who would be ringing my doorbell? My friend might be out of gas. Perhaps he's got a flat. Something.

Nope, he's got my Playstation 2 games. Somebody left them on his car.

I'm now back where I started, except that now I have new locks. And I'm a little jumpier. I don't think I'd believe this story if I didn't have the fingerprint dust all over my coffeetable.

If I wake up tomorrow and it's Saturday, and this was all an odd dream, I'll post about it.

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