Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Today's Penny Arcade comic:

is a reference to Katamari Damacy, a game I've been amused by since I heard about it back in March.

The plot: your dad got really drunk last night and destroyed all the stars. Ooops. Appearantly, the only way to fix things (and earn your father's love and respect, it seems) is to roll a ball around Earth. When your ball bumps into something smaller than itself, the new object gets stuck to the ball, and the ball becomes slightly bigger. Each level is timed, and you have to reach a certain diameter by the time limit. If you do, Dad makes a star out of your collection. If you don't, he gets disappointed. Sorry, Dad. I'll try again.

I'm currently stuck at a point where I can get my Katamari to around 5 meters, which means I'm picking up traffic signs, telephone booths, pitchers mounds, palm trees, and the like with ease. At one point or another, I've picked up everything pictured in the comic.

Crazy, crazy game.

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