Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Somebody broke the knob off the clock on my oven. Other than that, a fine party was had.

I wanted a new oven, anyway.

Let's see. I've already gone and put this behind a cut, so I might as well ramble on. A month ago, one of my friends showed up early for this party. 2 1/2 hours early today, more friends showed up. They insisted that I let them go so they could come back on time.

I was delighted that much of my decorating worked as planned (see the web site for some pictures). I had a bunch of food, including a few 80s foods, like Reese's Pieces (as seen in E.T.), Jelly Bellies, and microwave popcorn.

I now have a bunch of leftovers. It's not bad - I'm getting smarter about making sure I put leftovers away before crashing after a party, and not putting out food that I would mind seeing as a leftover.

Several friends came, but pretty much everybody was people I already knew, so it ended up being around a dozen guests, which seems to be a reasonable turnout for one of my parties.

The mirror ball/spotlight/laser/smoke machine combo worked well. I don't know how much fog juice I burned up, but I've got a good amout left over. Anybody need any extra fog?

Some Trivial Pursuit was played. Some playing with Rubik's cubes and related puzzles was done. I spent much of the party on the dancefloor - by the time anybody was interested in dancing, the rest of the party was capable of running on autopilot.

The movie collage (see the website, above) was a hit. As was the computer game collage (much smaller, but I didn't draw much attention to it, so when people discovered it, they were delighted) also went well.

I intended to kick people out around 1. I'm pretty sure the last guest left around 2:30. And as soon as I find somewhere horizontal to position myself, I expect to sleep until noon.

People had nice things to say about the party, which is appropriate when being a gracious guest. I'm tempted to do more dance parties - I throw boardgame parties fairly often, but dance parties encourage a different set of my friends to come out.

If anybody calls, tell them I'll call back when I wake up.

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