Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Some substantial part of me resists writing more about my party - it seems like bad form to celebrate a celebration to folks that didn't attend. And yet, I remember posting travelogues of Zone get-togethers, and that didn't bother me. So.

A lot of people dug the "Name that Movie" and "Name that Computer Game" collages. You can play, too, by going to the web page. No, I'm not linking today.

Some people danced. I was committed to going through with a dance party, given my stubborn insistence on my theme, and I anticipated a fiasco. It was pretty OK. I'm not hosting another dance anytime soon, but maybe someday.

One thing that I didn't really anticipate, but seems amazingly obvious in hindsight, was how many memories would be triggered through my theme. I'm already pretty 80s oriented as a normal state of affairs - perhaps half of my music collection dates to the 80s, I have Rubik's Cubes plainly visible as part of my "decor", and there's the Molly Ringwald shrine. Ha, ha, I'm only kidding. It's really a Mary Stuart Masterson shrine.

But through the course of the evening, people would be talking about movies, and that would spur "oh, that was the first movie I saw on a date". Or a song would trigger the "that was the first song I slow danced with a boy to".

Plus, one of my friends inadvertantly helped me dust the floor by showing off his breakdancing skills. Woo!

Good stuff. I guess my point would be (and I'm not saying I have one) that parties are a good thing. I am currently in a pleasantly half-awake state. Mmmm. Party coma.

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