Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Dumb things I gotta do

Seems like I keep myself about 100% overscheduled. Is it because I'm a curious sort who has a lot of interests, or because I'm fundamentally lazy and can't get anything done? Probably some of both.

Random Stuff on my To Do list:

  • Switch - I recently got a new computer, and I intend to get my game running on it. I also have a handful of features I want to roll into the game before Monday, as I intend to show it to some friends at a 'business lunch'. I feel much more comfortable with those scare quotes there - I don't yet see a businessman when I look into the mirror.

    One of the organizational tools I've been using for Switch is a cork board with a bunch of little task cards posted on it. When I get a task done, I put a big red X through it and move the card to the left side of the board. As I free up space on the board, I end up coming up with new tasks, so the board never really gets empty, the tasks tend to get smaller and more polish-y. I pulled the cork board out a few days ago, and there are several cards that have been done, and just need the red X. That's a good feeling.

    I'm also getting a friend to cast an artist's eye on the user interface. If he agrees to take over the art for that, that's a bunch of cards I can set aside.

  • Mac to PC game port - I volunteered to help a guy port his shareware Mac game to the PC. I just got the thing building and running last night on the Mac. The next task will be to figure out the shortest path to getting it running on the PC.

  • Raking leaves - I've been doing a little bit of raking of my yard at a time - I fill up my yard waste can and use that as an excuse to call it a day. I figure I've got one more can's worth of leaves to go.

  • Pie - My contribution to the annual family foodfest is some sort of dessert. Probably a pecan pie. I like pecan pie.

  • Half-Life 2 - This came out this week. I'm roughly halfway through it. It's pretty good. Best first person shooter that I've played, certainly very pretty to look at.

  • Role Playing Game - After I'm done with Switch, I've got a couple games I want to work on (quite a few, really). One of them is a game that takes a certain amount of inspiration from Diablo and Bard's Tale. That's a lot of content. I intend to experiment with some different gameplay mechanics. That should be fun, and can be done without the full-on content.

  • Book - I've been toying with the idea of writing a book about how hobbyists can make computer games. I've got an outline of a book that might look interesting to an individual browsing the shelves at their local bookstore. Actually, the outline's at least a year old, and it's interesting to see what's more interesting to me now, and what I feel like omitting.

    I'm using DocBook as the markup language - I had started the project using LaTeX, and that was working almost adequately for me. I felt like I was working a little too hard on getting the output to appear correctly in both HTML and PDF. With DocBook, I've given myself another system to learn (which, appearantly, I enjoy), and now I'm getting relatively good looking output on both media.

  • Lego sculpture - I made a few sculptures a while ago, and it's about time to do something new. I want to do something less abstract, maybe.

  • Christmas Gifts - I've got most of them. Just need a couple more things, all of which can be purchased online. I love electronic commerce.

How many of these things will get done this weekend? Probably none. Actually, no - I'm hoping to rake the leaves. And then touch on one or two other of these projects.

Oh, and though it looks dreadful, I might just go see that action movie with the Declaration of Independance.

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