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Router's Eve

I've invented a new holiday - I'm calling it Router Day. I picked December 10th as the date for it, just so I could have a 3 day weekend this year.

Feel free to take the day off, as well - I'm celebrating Router Day by being thankful for God's gift of internet hardware to us. If you want to celebrate Router Day by using wood tools and making fascia, you're welcome to do so, but you won't be invited to my party.

So that makes today Router's Eve. The day when people stay up with anticipation for the arrival of the Router Gnomes.

I should just go home now and finish decorating my house in festive Internet colors.

The nice thing is that work has come to a halt here because our asset management system seems to have choked. Perhaps it was hardware failure, perhaps somebody started deleting things at random. (Is somebody's virus checker pointed at the asset database again?)

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