Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

  • So long, NTP I just disabled NetTime, the Network Time Protocol (NTP) client I used on my desktop. Seems the features that this program provided have been gobbled up by ill-documented features of Microsoft software. (Imagine!) The deciding factor was when some overzealous piece of security software decided to fight with NetTime, which led to NetTime consuming 100% of the CPU. Rather than figure out how to guarantee this won't happen again (I tried), I'm putting down my old NTP client. Sorry, fella!

  • Keep up, Amazon I was just poking at my Amazon account, seeing when certain things (gifts from me to me) would arrive, and it struck me that I have no fewer than three open orders with Amazon. One's a set of books and CDs that I ordered last night, so no surprise that they'll take a few days to ship. One is a somewhat rare CD. I suspect that Amazon is building a time machine to 1988, the last time anybody heard this particular one hit wonder. Once that time machine is built, they'll send me the CD right away. I can only imagine that their time machine only works one way, or else I'd have the CD already. The last order is a book I ordered in October of 2002. I know the author, so I was excited when his book showed up on Amazon. Seems the publication date has slipped a bit.

    I'm now curious about how many open orders I can stack up without going too crazy. Perhaps it's already too late.

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