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Phone Woo hoo! I now have 4 new phone jacks throughout the… - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
December 21st, 2004
06:12 pm


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  • Phone Woo hoo! I now have 4 new phone jacks throughout the house. The whole point of this exercise was getting my TiVo hooked up to the phone circuit on an ongoing basis. No more carrying long phone wires across the house.

  • CAT5 Woo Hoo! I now have 4 new RJ45 runs (same locations as above). I was able to move my servers from my office to the "Computer Room". AKA pantry, AKA the previous owner's office. It's nice to move them - for one thing, the bedroom end of the house is now much quieter. Also, freeing up that kind of space in the office gives me room to turther tidy things up in there. It's like spring cleaning came early.

  • Alarm system Well, I've got sensors set up. I've got a panel that tells me that the front door is open. I'm not sure how to arm it. The installation guys weren't sure how to configure it. I know a thing or two about technology, and it seems like this alarm system could be a little easier to set up. The company is sending out another guy tomorrow morning. Whee.

  • Clerks I just stumbled across this on IFC. I remember it being fun back in the day. Now it just seems like a student film. A lot of the filmmaking is fine, and I can excuse the incessant speeches. It's the dreadful acting that makes me shiver.

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