Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

All right, let's say you're going to a store that sells Take and Bake pizzas. Papa Murphy's, for example. Let's say that you step up to the counter and ask for a large chicken and bacon pizza. Meaning, for purposes of argument, crust, sauce, cheese, chicken, and bacon.

Would you expect to receive any of the pizzas on this page?

I can see the potential source of confusion - chicken and bacon actually appear in the name of that first pizza.

It turns out that this until-now hypothetical situation actually happened, and moreover, it actually happened to me. Today. Actually.

I didn't want a roma tomato onion mix. I didn't want any fancy second crust on my pizza. I just wanted some chicken and some bacon.

I didn't exactly send it back - had the line been less long, had I not been in a hurry to go home, had I been less frustrated at any number of little things - I probably would have been more adamant that I wouldn't accept this thing. As it was, I said "I didn't order a stuffed pizza". The guy behind the counter said "That's what it is". Um, OK. Sure. I can see that there's a top crust on what's on the counter. I even acknowledge that I paid for that top crust, the roma tomato onion mix, and whatnot.

I guess I'm most frustrated that they've gone and made their menu complicated - how do I order crust, sauce, cheese, bacon, and chicken without getting the fancy signature pizza? It's akin to the frustration that I have that the three sizes are called "medium", "large", and "family". But that's a fight that I know I can never win.

I submitted a similar grumble to the above to the corporate webpage. We'll see where that lands.

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