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Dave LeCompte (really)

  • Now Reading: Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett. Not bad. The first dozen or so pages seemed awfully familiar. Maybe I tried starting to read the book before going to sleep, and forgot how far I got. Pratchett does end up reusing certain bits now and then - the peril of having a successful franchise - and so often one of his books will be familiar AND new.

    I'm 40% into it, ish. Not bad. Definitely helping me kill time (see below).

  • "I think the credit card will take this" purchase of the day: one clutch for my car. Whee. One way to assess the health of your clutch is to stop at a stoplight in Seattle. Especially downtown, where it feels like the road is going straight up into the air. Actually, the vital piece of information comes when you try to drive into the intersection without rolling backwards into the guy behind you.

    I learned to drive on streets not quite this bad, so I feel a certain amount of self-confidence in my ability to get a car into motion. Saturday, I wasn't so sure. The car was rolling backwards, my foot was off the clutch, the gearshift was in first. And the guy behind me was nervous.

    Tuesday, I took it in to the garage I frequent in Monroe. They said "woo, we're way busy. Come back tomorrow". I did. A couple hours later, they said, "woo, that's All Wheel Drive. Go next door." (Um, duh. Subaru=AWD) So I take it next door. They said "woo, that'll be spendy. But we can have a clutch kit here by tomorrow".

    So, today, I dropped the car off at 9am. "Will somebody be picking you up?" "Uh, no." "Do you have a cell phone?" "Uh, no." So, I wandered around Monroe, lurching from warm place to warm place. I had breakfast and read "Monstrous Regiment". I walked up Main Street. I priced an ethernet switch to replace my old ones. I had a snacky lunch thing and read "Monstrous Regiment". I went to a movie theatre and read "Monstrous Regiment". The movie played. When the movie was done, and I walked to the car place, my car was just being pulled around. Nice timing.

  • Walking Cities Boston is a walking city. Monroe is not.

  • Network Hardware As I've mentioned, I recently got a mess of wires installed that handle all manner of good stuff. Of most interest to me is the fact that I now have network ports in my walls. Woo! One consequence of this is that my Linux Rack gets to live at the far end of the house, making the bedroom end quieter.

    There's always a loudest thing, though. After moving my servers, the loudest thing in that end of the house was an old, dying, ethernet hub. Not all that old - perhaps only 7 years. Or maybe only 5 years. Still, one that had done its best for quite a while. Today, I retired the old guy for a new one which is half the size in each dimension and silent. Woo!

  • Movie Report: White Noise Oh, ha. I just connected the movie I saw with the purchase. Except that a dying fan isn't exactly white noise. Anyway. Did you see, did you like The Ring? Did you wish that someone made another movie involving the supernatural and the technological? Well, there's the sequel to The Ring. Also, White Noise. White Noise seems to have perfectly adequate acting by Michael "Gung Ho" Keaton, and they achieve an adequate amount of "boo" per hour. I'll give it a "see it if you're stranded in Monroe for several hours". Which is perhaps a half star out of two.

  • Pun as I was writing about my computers, above, I wanted to work in the fact that when I meet my perfect woman, I'll be able to say "Nice Rack", and she'll say "Thanks, I just had a 4U hot-swappable blade array installed". Which sounds terribly kinky now that I read it. It was just meant to be terribly geeky.

  • Um did you know that back in the late 80s, Apple wanted people to pronounce SCSI "sexy"? Even amongst the mac cult it didn't take.

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