Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Working today Gr. Spent pretty much the whole day trying to comprehend a set of code which customizes another set of code, which in turn builds our assets from Maya files and TIFF images into a format that our games can use.

I think that, as part of maintaining this huge body of code, I may have to rewrite large parts of it. That's exciting, let me tell you.

Dodged a boardgame bullet I'm a geek of many flavors. One of my hobbies is boardgame collecting. Mostly I'm interested in playing them, but I'll admit that there are several games that I got that looked (and still look) interesting, yet haven't actually been played. Part of this is that most boardgames don't play well solitaire, and hey, I'm often times the only one in the house. Almost always, in fact.

Anyway, I have also succumbed to being a bit of a CSI fan. And over Christmas, I saw a TV commercial for a CSI boardgame. I had even half formed a plan to find a copy of it to see if it was any good. Fortunately, there's the internet. Some people say the game's no good at all. Makes me want to play 221B Baker Street again, though.

Women in Revealing Outfits, Kicking Butt I saw "Elektra" over the weekend. Adequate matinee movie in its genre. I think they got a deal on flashbacks, though. We get the idea. She's haunted by her past. Fine. I don't need ANOTHER flashback to remind me.

It was a little odd seeing Goran Visnjik (almost spelled that right the first time...) outside of ER.

A Little Glob Becomes a Globe Instantly I'm gratified to see that "Sideways" got some Golden Globe attention. Interesting to see that Matt LeBlanc and William Shatner did, too.

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