Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Random bits and pieces

I'm screwing around with an iTunes plugin that dumps out my "now playing" info, which ought to someday get into my posts.

This is the plugin

The Wedding Singer - Blue Monday/New Order
New Order
Blue Monday

Something like that. I'm formatting way too much of that by hand just now.

I actually had a reasonably good start to the day - I got back on my treadmill after more neglect than I care to admit. I've got a backlog on my TiVo that I need to plow through, and my hope is to get through that while exercising. I emptied out the mailbox and found two wedding invitations, one thank you card for a Christmas gift, and the title to my car (having just recently paid it off).

Now I've got some sort of headache going on. Good stuff. Must be a Monday.

I thought I had more fluff to insert here. Guess not.

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