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Thoughts while looking at my bathroom ceiling - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
January 22nd, 2003
09:49 pm


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Thoughts while looking at my bathroom ceiling
So, I'm mostly submerged in the bathtup, with the warm sudsy water around my ears, and I ask myself why it is that I don't actually keep bath towels in the one bathroom in my house that has a bathtub.

And why this never occurs to me until I'm already well on my journey to prunedom.

Also, I wondered why I made such a big deal about trying to get something to listen to while in the bath when I ended up with my ears submerged. Got to listen to my pulse, for which I didn't need to fret about the radio.

One day, maybe this house, maybe a future one, I'm going to have a decadent bathroom with a shower AND a bathtub. The bathtub might just have claw feet.

And that room will have a linen closet where I'll keep the spare bath towels.

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