Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

  • Pixar finally got recognized. Go, team.
  • Beyonce is appearantly one of the few people who can sing and was available.
  • Boxing isn't my cup of tea, so I didn't get around to seeing Million Dollar Baby. I gotta tip my hat, though - from what I hear, working with Clint on a movie's a rare experience. He knows the craft, he knows the business.
  • Easy Reader Glad to see Morgan Freeman getting the award.
  • Chris Rock didn't grate on me nearly as much as I expected. I laughed aloud once. I forget when.
  • Farewell I'm always stunned when I watch the memorial remembering the artists that have passed away in the past year. This year's no exception, I can't imagine next year will be either.

I'm awfully fond of film and moviemaking. It's a collaborative artform, a technical process, a dramatic expression, a storytelling medium. Many other arts achieve pieces of what movies are - books do stories as well and better, actors live on stage cooperate with an audience to create their experience, and somewhere in the realm of entertainment are computer, video, and console games.

But film somehow maintains its identity - perhaps through the community that's still required to put together a movie, paired with the communal experience of going to a big screen and sitting side-by-side with other people and sharing the flickering story coming to us at 24 frames per second.

Bill Conti isn't playing me off, so I only have to ask for your indulgence when I thank, in no particular order, Kevin Murphy, Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, Brad Bird, John Lasseter, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson, Mike Jittlov, Ray Harryhausen, Jon Favreau, John Hughes, Thomas Edison, the good people at Sony Classics, Fox Searchlight, Criterion, Netflix, Scarecrow Video, and the "In a world..." guy. Thanks for all you've done.

And for anybody out there that's currently working on some creative project, something that will inspire, move, or touch another person, whether it be words on a page, images that stay put or move as though alive, music, or any other art - thank you, too.

And thanks to everyone for silencing your cell phones.


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