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Blather, Rinse, Repeat

Dave LeCompte (really)
24, 80's music, 80s music, a prairie home companion, acting, adventure games, ai, alton brown, backpacking, baking, beauty, blender, boardgames, books, canoma, car talk, cars with guns, cecil adams, cheapass games, chorallaries, cider, computer games, computer graphics, computers, console games, dar williams, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, emacs, emma thompson, far side, food, fractals, freckles, friends, gadgets, game development, games, games magazine, garrison keillor, girls who wear glasses, good eats, good grammar, grim fandango, gurps, hiking, humor, improv, improv comedy, independant game development, infocom, intelligence, joan cusack, john cusack, kevin smith, lan parties, learning, leavenworth wa, lego, linux, literature, mandelbrot sets, marimbas, martin gardner, mary stuart masterson, math, maxis, mit, mount rainier, mountains, movies, muppets, national public radio, neon brown, nightmare before christmas, npr, open gl, open source, pacific northwest, pet shop boys, pixar, pizza, prairie home companion, programming, public radio, python, raymond smullyan, reading, red dwarf, red hair, rhododendrons, road trips, roadkill buffet, robotics, say anything, says you, scott kim, scott mccloud, shiny objects, steel drums, steve martin, swedish fish, the beatles, the black company, the princess bride, the splendid table, the transformers, the west wing, theater, theatre, they might be giants, tim burton, tivo, tom robbins, truth, video games, washington cathedral, whimsy, will wright, wordplay